Cat's Sylvanian Forest
Here are some new figures and playsets being released in 2011. The bath set looks nice, as does the hammock and I really like the playground set, I think they've been needing something for Sylvanian children to play with instead of just focussing on the babies.
The school orchestra set and school sports sets are obviously to accompany the new school which I am going to detail in my next post, but they look nice sets, the sports set is possibly a bit sparse but as long as it's not too expensive it should be fine. I really like the look of the musical instruments though, specially the grand piano.
The return of the Cottage Hospital brings with it a new medical set. There is a nurse figure included but there is some uncertainty as to whether the figure will be Nurse Nightingale or this Maces Mouse figure.
Finally some new figure sets - the Celebration Macivity Family and the Meerkat Grandparents. Strangely enough, the Macivities are still availible to order through SSK in the JP version, so I don't see why they should have released a 'celebration' family set. An older family I think would have been more appropriate.
I really like the meerkats, but I don't think I like them enough to want to buy them. Not like I have the money at the m

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