New Families (Winter 2010/Spring2011) - Cat's Sylvanian Forest
Cat's Sylvanian Forest
These are the new families which are either coming soon or are out now at SSK online. You can visit the official Sylvanian Families store, London, here to order.

New families out now are the Buckley Deer (top left), Golightly White/Silk Cats (top right), Redwood Red Pandas (JP Epoch, 2nd row, far right), Celebration Snow-Warren rabbits (3rd row, far left), the Spotter Meerkats (now with grandparents, 3rd row, middle), and the Trunk Elephants (3rd row, far right).
Families coming soon are the Darwin Monkeys (top row middle), the Beaufort Polarbears (2nd row middle), and the new figure list sees the return of the McBurrows moles, this time in "normal" Sylvanian clothes (2nd row far left) and also for a short period of time and a limited stock at SSK the Waddlington ducks (fourth row).

I think it's good that we're seeing the return of a family like the McBurrows, as they haven't been released for a while, but I think that Flair should also be bringing back families like the Corntops or the Oakwoods too.

I really like most of the new figures, especially the elephants and the red pandas and the meerkats, but I think the deer could have done with antlers, and something else...I'm not sure what it is I just think they're missing something to make them special. I also think it's a shame the polar bears are a different mould to the Polar Bear exchange students.

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