Cat's Sylvanian Forest
Yay, more buildings to take up lots of storage space and drain our pockets! But we do love them. Buildings are one of my favourite things about Sylvanians, they're so detailed and pretty, and there's hours of play value too, setting them up and then story telling with them.
Applewood Department Store is a recolour and rename of the original Department Store released around 2004, House of Brambles. Applewood Cottage has been coloured to match, as Brambles Cottage was coloured to match House of Brambles. I personally prefer both the name House of Brambles and the colouring - the stark contrast of the bright white and bright blue looked much more effective than the icky yellow shade used with this store. Nevertheless, it's still a delightful building, full of detail and worth every penny.
The new boat, even though it's not a building, I feel still deserves a mention. The Marita May could be a home for a single person, or a couple comfortably, but could not be used as a home for the whole family. However, it could just be used for pleasure cruises etc, instead of as a home. All in all, I think it's a pretty nice boat with plenty of details and accesories for the price.
Copperbeech Lodge is a Calico Critters invention and reminds me of a combination of the old Lakeside Lodge and Orchard Cottage homes of the past, which means I like it! This house comes with the Chocolate rabbit sister, a bed, kitchen units, and table and chairs.
Field View Mill looks to be another recolour of a Sylvanian classic. It looks identical in mould and accesories to the Old Mill of the past, but it's in keeping with the blue/beige look of other UK Sylvanian homes. I can imagine furnishing this building would be very challenging but not impossible and would offer lots of fun for young and old!
The Regency Hotel is another recolour, this time of the Grand Hotel. You'd think they could get a bit more original with the buildings...or they could simply re-release the old classics. Well, I was never sold on the hotels, as I feel they're a bit of a waste of money, and you could just get a nicer house in the Hilltop Manor - which I think personally is a nicer looking building with more play space and possibility with a more inventive floor layout.
The new Sylvanian school looks nice, it will be the fourth school to open in Sylvania. Berry Grove School will be run by the new Red Deer family and will feature a real working clock. There's 6 desks per classroom, and with 2 classrooms, I think we will be seeing the need for a few more schools opening in Sylvania if the population keeps booming as it has been in the last few years.
Sycamore Cottage is a Japanese building which I think is very pretty. It's symmetricity is similar to Copperbeech Lodge, but at least they're not identical, which is something that's starting to both me about Sylvanian Buildings - the originality is going. This house comes with the same accesories as Copperbeech Lodge.
The Village Dress Shop is quite cozy looking and snug, which means it would be a nightmare to set up, but it does look lovely. I think this is actually an original shop which has not been released before, which means of course it's a Japanese invention as Flair would never work hard enough to come up with something new. What

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