Cat's Sylvanian Forest

Official Sylvanian Sites

For purchasing or browsing all new official Sylvanian merchandise online.

- Sylvanian Families Official Site

- Calico Critters Official Site

- Sylvanian Families Japan

- Sylvanian Families @ Toys R Us (UK)

Sylvanian Fansites

Sylvanians have a rich and diverse following across the world. There are numerous fansites dedicated to the furry little creatures. If you would like your fansite listed, please contact through the contact form here.

- Panda Patch

- A Calico Town: a Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families Fan Site

- Sylvanian Haven

- Candy's Sylvanian Families

- Carrot Creek Sylvanian Village

- Lucy's Sylvanians

- Plastic Candy Blog