Cat's Sylvanian Forest


    Hello! My name's Catriona, also known as Cat. I'm a keen Sylvanian Families collector, horse rider, and serial video game addict. I live a relatively sheltered life in a two mile radius of my house, gravitating between the stables, home and school. 
    I started collecting Sylvanian families on holiday in the Lake District. I saw a grey pony pulling a trap in the window of a small toy shop, and begged my mum to let me get her. This was, of course, the Sylvanian Families pony and trap set. My mum, I think, was reluctant to let me buy it because she knew what I was like and collecting things. And, just as she thought, I returned the following day to buy the Periwinkle Rabbit family. Whilst on holiday, I also purchased Antonia's Gymkhana set, but whilst at the top shop I had also seen the Caravan and Pony set, and being a horse lover, I knew I had to have that, too...
    As you can see, what started as 'just a pony and trap' turned into a collection containing around 200 figures, and numerous furniture pieces and buildings. For all my collection is by no means huge, it's enough to take up almost all of my built in wardrobe and the entire living room floor when it's all set up.
    I do not aim to collect every Sylvanian ever made, I just get the ones I like the look of. And, being so cute and sweet and innocent, there are quite a few I like! My favourite part of collecting Sylvanians is creating scenes and environments for them to live in. I love setting up their houses, positioning them, and as a child I loved telling stories with them...and given a quiet minute or two now, I still do :)!

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