Cat's Sylvanian Forest

The Rose of Sylvania Canal Boat


UK Flair Original Release

The Rose of Sylvania was the first ever boat in Sylvania. The Van-Dyke Otter family live on board.The boat itself comes with lots of accesories on the outside of the boat and it looks really nice. It's sturdy and nothing on it has ever broken for me. There is a detatchable clothes line which goes along the roof, a working crane feature, a detachable gang plank aswell as lots of other nautical accesories.
Inside the boat there are lots of clever features, for example the bunkbeds the twins are in in this picture - it's detachable and the bed folds over the seat when it's not in use. The table the kids are at fold back behind the bench when not in use too.
However the actual indoor accesories are kind of disapointed, there's no food accesories or even decent sleeping bags for the bunk beds - the one in the picture is from the caravan and the cake's from the bakery.

I tried by best with the photo....I couldn't quite decide how best it looked, as whichever way some figures were the wrong way up!