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Cat's Sylvanian Forest
Well, today, Monday the 17th of January, is statistically the most depressing day of the year. The term 'Blue Monday' refers to the third Monday in January and, according to Cliff Arnel, who is associated with Cardiff University, came up with a formula to prove that today is the most depressing day of the year.

[W + (D-d) x Tq]
M x Na

Do you understand that? Because I certainly don't, and I'm doing Higher Maths, lol! So, today, I tried to remain as positive I could. Today was very dull and wore on unneccassarily. Absoloutly nothing exciting happened and the day was just a blur of writing, listening to teachers drone on about prelim revision and eating a rather bland chicken pasta sald. A usual Monday in the life of Cat, then.

Soon, I'll hopefully post some photos of my Sylvanians. As you probably know my Sylvanians live as sheltered a life as their owner does. They spend a lot of time in their boxes, but hopefully soon I will be able to have some of them out on display, yay! I am still to work out how I will manage this, where they will go, and what exactly I am going to choose to display, but hopefully it should all work out for the best.
Cassandra Macavity is planning an outing this evening, actually, and she is going to tour my room and show my blog readers what Cat's world is like. Cassandra was nominated for this task of Sylvanian/human relations as 1) she is the front woman of the website, 2) I like her dress and 3) she has had a very tough time of it raising five kids, and so deserves a little break into the real world!

Cat :)

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