Cat's Sylvanian Forest
Well, the last few nights I've been woken up by extreme amounts of rain and winds. It's actually beyond a joke! I wake up to what sounds like someone throwing stones against my window, and it's even worse when I have to venture outside into it.
I do believe this is actually what the world outside my window on these last few nights looks like. It's ridiculous. So, instead of sleeping or trying to sleep whilst I'm under aerial assault, I've been playing my Gameboy Advance and battling through the Professor Layton game I got for Christmas. I'm almost at the end of it, along with the help of my good friend IGN! God, I've had plenty of twists and turns and surprises with this one, if you're a Nintendo DS fan, I recomend Professor Layton and the lost future :)!


Here's Gypsy, braving the elements and trotting up the hill to her shelter. I'm coming to an end of my time of having her on lease, and soon she will go back to just working in the riding school as normal. I'll be sad to not be able to ride her as often, but I'll still spell extreme amounts of time pampering her and making sure she knows she's loved :)! I'm looking forward to my summer with her, hopefully loads of competitions - Summer Opens and I plan to do the All Rosette Show with her, too! It's weird, riding a school horse with a load of professional thoroughbreds, and it's funny how only a few of them end up beating us....I mean sometimes our rounds don't always go to plan, but when they do they work pretty well! She's such a good horse, I don't honestly think I deserve to ride her ^_^.
Oh, and by the way, that's mist AND rain AND wind she's going into. She's such a trooper.

And on a Sylvanian front, mine are all packed away, safe and sound until I can next have them out. I really do wish there was some way for me to have them out to play at all times, I mean, even just have a house set up, but my room has things climbing the walls looking for a home, so right now the Sylvanians are living in their boxes :(.

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