January Open Showjumping :) - Cat's Sylvanian Forest
Cat's Sylvanian Forest
Hello all! I hope everyone's having a good start to the year.
As many of you who read my blog may know I have a horse on lease from a riding school called Gypsy. She's a total saint and I love her to pieces, she is the most honest, sweet and caring horse I've ever ridden, and she's also really talented. Last night I had a jumping competition with her, we didn't get placed but did jump two clear rounds, which was my aim for the night.
We jumped two 75cm rounds and we did an 85cm too but due to rider error we got elimainated. Silly Cat. Click here if you would like to see our clear round. The people you can hear mooing in the background and it's a long run on joke ever since we dressed up as a farmer and cow for the last Christmas Show, and since she has similar markings to a cow, lol.
On the Sylvanian Front, I have Willow Hall out in my bedroom at the moment. It's easily my favourite Sylvanian House I have as it's the biggest and has the most room to set up furniture and figures etc. In the next few weeks or months I'll get some new Sylvanians, I have loads of things on my want list at the moment, but I'd really like the Fielding Mouse family, Applewood Cottage and furniture, the Juice Bar, Doughnut Stall and Icecream stand. Not much then, haha!
Here's some wee photos of the Timbertops and the Babblebrooks :)!
I was actually thinking about my Sylvanians as I was riding Gypsy the other night, mainly because I was missing them because they're safe, cozy and warm, all the opposites of what I was feeling at that point in time haha! We were in the warm up ring when she bolted with me because there was a younger horse acting up. She's so good, because she seemed to take all the other horses energy and put it into her round haha! I honestly cannot describe how much I love that horse :).

Cat :)x

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