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Hello again!

Well a couple of nights ago, instead of revising, I decided to have a Chase Me Charlie with my Sylvanians, who have now made the move back upstairs to my room. They are enjoying a few more days out in the open whilst I'm still off on holiday until they get packed away again.
Those not familure with a Chase Me Charlie, it's where you have your horse jump a jump which gets bigger each round. It usually goes up a hole each time, and if your horse knocks it, runs out, or refuses, you're out. Fun right? Well, I thought it was a good idea, since I had nothing better to do. (Well, technically, I could revise, but playing Sylvanians is much more fun ^_^ )
Gypsy, my lease horse and I, recently took part in a Chase Me Charlie. Before Christmas, we always play games with the horses for a bit of fun and a wind down after a year of hard work in the riding school, and we end with a Chase Me Charlie. Luckily, Gypsy loves jumping, and we came joint first with my friend Alex and his horse Dusty. I was very proud of Gypsy as she is a riding school horse, and does not do much in the way of jumping big, and so jumping 1m 10 is not something she does everyday. Dusty also did very well, as she's just a baby and before we did the Chase Me Charlie Alex had not jumped her much bigger than about 70cms.
Here's a picture of me and Gypsy jumping, it's paused from a video, so that's why it's so blurry:
(and no, my jumping position is not always this disgusting.)
These jumps were originally for my model ponies, but I think they work pretty well with Sylvanians too! Harold and Holly win, as he rode a better approach and kept her collecting into the jump, containing her energy, instead of just letting her run flat into it, as Antonia did.
Harold and Holly were pretty proud of themselves, they practically jumped the height of Taylor Timbertop!

In other news, my new Sylvanians have still not come :( , but there's always tomorrow!

Speak soon,
Cat x

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