Cat's Sylvanian Forest

The Sylvanian Bakery


UK Flair Re-release

The Bakery is one of my favourite shops. It's very adaptable to your layout, as the porch area at the front of the Bakery here can also go at the side and on top of the Bakery as a roof. There are also stairs that go on the left hand side of Bakery to allow access to the top floor, I have just chosen not to use them. Orchard Cottage, Bramble Cottage, or Applewood Cottage can go on top of the Bakery to either make a shop extension or home.
The Bakery come with a good 40+ accessories, including everything pictured inside here and more. The Bakery comes with shelving, a cooker, a til, lots of tins and bottles of jams and fruits, butter, cheese, and also window displays of cakes, pies and breads. The Bakery can also be a restraunt as it has a 'Take Out' window for take aways and a serving trolley which comes with loose bread rolls, donuts and cakes.
There's lots of play value in this building as it can take a while to set up and it's a good, smaller alternative to the big department store for example.
The figures on the box behind are not part of the bakery set up.